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Melissam Laboratories

Quality Assurance & Laboratory Testing Services

Laboratory Testing Services

We test products for conformity purposes to ensure they meet the quality and safety standards.

Quality Assurance Services

Achieving quality in products, systems and manufacturing processes.

About Us...Who We Are

We are a consultancy company that offers a range of services that focus towards achieving quality in products, systems and manufacturing processes. We focus on primary production, manufacturing, quality assurance, Laboratory testing services and Nutritional consultancy and counselling.

Our purpose is to offer our clients quality service that will ensure they achieve quality in their products, systems and manufacturing processes. This will enable our clients to concentrate on their core business activities (production). With us as your consultant, you will avoid the cost of employing a quality control manager or research and development team as you enjoy professional and expert services. We manage all your quality control issues, Quality control records and documentation. We are your partner in growth and excellence.

Our Services

Quality Assurance Services

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Recognizing QUALITY as a core factor in any industrial/business process, we offer comprehensive quality assurance services which include the following:

  • Developing and managing quality records for our clients e.g. Quality procedure, Quality policy, HACCP plan (establishment of Critical Control Points to address the hazards, establishment of a Monitoring and control of the CCP's and providing evidence of Corrective Actions for each CCP), Complain handling procedure, product recall/withdrawal procedures, process controls, calibration schedules, plant maintenance schedules, cleaning schedules, pest control and waste management schedules, staff training projections, etc
  • Assisting our clients to nonconformities, conduct root cause analysis and develop corrective actions.
  • Advising our clients on important quality issues in their products, systems and manufacturing processes
  • Training our clients on how to manage important quality issues in their products, systems and manufacturing processes.
  • Testing products to ensure conformance to quality and safety.
  • Facilitating compliance to set statutory and regulatory requirements related to the industry e.g. acquisition of NEMA certificate, Public health Food handlers' certificate, staff medical certificates among others
  • Ensuring our clients adhere to public health requirements that includes proper plant layout, adequate personal facilities and up-to-date medical records of the personnel.
  • Auditing quality control systems, manufacturing processes and products.
  • Giving advice on proper labeling of the product that complies with the labeling requirement of the respective product standards.
  • Offering agricultural consultancy to ensure maximized productivity and profits.
  • Advising on the best technology to adopt to achieve products of superior quality.

Laboratory testing services

Our core laboratory testing services are as follows:

  • Testing products for conformity purposes to ensure they meet the quality and safety standards as required by respective product standard(s).
  • Testing products to determine nutritional composition.
  • Training quality control personnel on management of quality records.
  • Training laboratory technicians and technologists on the use laboratory equipment, sample preparation, sampling and preparation of SOPs.

Product Preservation & Testing

To enable effective product preservation & safety for our clients, our services entail the following:

  • Giving advice on the best preservation methods, techniques and conditions to optimize shelf life of products without compromising quality.
  • Training personnel on Good Agricultural Practices(GAP), Good Manufacturing practices(GMP), Good Hygienic Practices(GHP) and Good Storage Practice(GSP) that ensure optimum shelf-life and product safety is achieved.
  • Offering research on shelf life and establishing specific shelf-life for various products.
  • Providing consultancy services on the best packaging methods that limit contamination and product spoilage.

Professional Training

We offer professional training in the following areas:

  • Quality Management Services - ISO 9001
  • Environmental Management System - ISO 14000
  • Laboratory Management System - ISO 17025
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS) - ISO 18001
  • Food Safety Management System - ISO 22000
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points – HACCP
  • Sampling procedures
  • Good Agricultural Practices
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Good Hygienic Practices
  • Good Storage Practices
  • Conducting Proficiency Tests
  • Developing Reference materials

Our Contacts

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